Apparently, I overestimated my capabilities and didn’t manage to do almost anything. In the end, I finally broke everything. And now, just as enemies cannot attack normally, the player’s control refuses to work normally (at least in compiled form ... in the editor, control seems to be quite good).

Controls (Updated):
  • WASD - Movement
  • LMB - Shoot
  • Q - Change weapon
  • Mouse Wheel Scroll - Turn camera
  • E - Interact (with truck at the level end)
  • At the beginning you have a pistol.
  • You need to destroy the enemy squad and get to the enemy truck.
  • After death, you can spend a few “years of life” to choose from and receive a skill card in return.
  • Also, after aging (after death), your parameters will drop, except for one that you choose.
  • When you run out all the years you lose the game.


Download 143 MB
Download 19 MB